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, there are members of the congress who sent a letter to the president of the united states back in april request agameting to sit down for the very purposes of doing what you just described. you know, being at the table and talking about health care. they're still waiting for the meeting. the senate and house leadership staffs weren't a part of those late-night meetings that took place for the very bill that was voted on. all this dog and pony show with grassley is nice theater but the staff, senior staff and leadership of the party have not been at the table and it's not been a bipartisan process and over 800 amendments on the house bill alone were rejected. so, you mean to tell me out of 800 ideas put on the table, not one of them could be put in the bill? this is the frustration that a lot of people have with this process, not to mention the fact that we were told this was all going to be transparent and it hasn't been. >> well, i grant you all your arguments and all your points about the way the house operates because the house has different rules and, as you know, they certainly were not wo
anxiety, andrea, because they are afraid that the united states has bigger fish to fry in the region than india. they're very upset about the china trip. some of the biggest criticisms of the united states came from new delhi that the u.s. and, of course, to the west. afghanistan and pakistan. india has a very, as you pointed out, tense relationship with pakistan. the overwhelming majority of pakistani troops are on the border with india and not in the northwest frontier fighting this taliban insurgency. the mumbai attacks of a year ago were inspired by groups in pakistan. in the 1990s, pakistan even intervened and took a chunk out of indian territory and almost caused a gigantic war. so, india wants to be assured that our policy tour china is not going to marginalize indian concerns and also the policy of helping pakistan fight insurgents on its territory is not going to cause heartache in india about pakistani intervention in india. so, india has a lot of concerns. it's not a place where president obama is especially popular right now. >> well, thank you very much. steve weisman, jim ho
have more population than the united states does. huge militaries. they are almost unusable. the rules of engagement are very constra constrained. only the brits have gotten in there with good training, leadership and willing to take casually. the canadians are taking out. the dutch are coming out. the german's hopefully, are staying in, they and the french. >> savannah guthrie joining us from the white house. what is the latest you are hearing on the numbers of troops? >> reporter: my best information now is the number the president will ask for in his speech is 30,000 additional troops with a real emphasis on training up afghan security forces so they can take over. the notion being there could be a beginning of combat troops as early as 200. the real emphasis the training up the afghan security forces. as i said, all indications are the president will ask for 30,000 troops tomorrow night. a caveat, this is a moving target. it's been known to change and can change, even in the final hours before the big speech tomorrow night. >> elisabeth and senator lugar was saying yesterday, let m
flying back to the united states after attending hamid karzai's inauguration in afghanistan. clinton says that she is encouraged by karzai's pledge to crack down on corruption in his government. there has been a lot of pressure on him to do that. karzai also said his security forces will be prepared to take over full control from coalition forces within five years. clinton told american troops in kabul that washington has no illusions about the difficulty of the afghan mission. she cited the importance of the u.s. civilian effort, as well in what is going on in afghanistanment coming up, palin answers questions about john mccain, and his former aide. politico's jim vanderhide joining us next. from ft. wayne, indiana. >> i think she is definitely a pioneer. >> she has already changed the face of america. and she is just an incredible, inspirational person to many us. some pharmacists only dispense prescriptions. your walgreens pharmacist also dispenses wisdom... to help you make the right health care decisions. like understanding medicare part d. we'll walk you through a free plan comparis
change. after a lot of criticism that the united states was the last of the major industrialized nations to even set targets and with the legislation stalled on the hill, at least not moving as rapidly as some would like, the president announced today, you broke the story earlier today that the president will stop in copenhagen. the environmental activists already saying he's going at the wrong time. he's going at the beginning, not at the end when the other heads of state are going to be there and where the real deals are going to be made. >> reporter: well, that's right. and i think their response here would be, look, he's going. i think there was a very much open question for a while there whether he would make it to copenhagen at all. i think the timing of it is really a function of his schedule. he's going to be in europe on the 10th in oslo, norway, to accept the nobel peace prize. the leaders summit was the 17th and 18th. there was just no feasible way for him to combine the two unless he avoids the leaders summit, which he's going to do. they say, look, he's going. he's going to
, the best that hayly barber would give her is that she's constitutionally qualified. born in the united states and old enough to be president. but, mark whittaker you wrote online on about the palin phenomenon. the widespread suggestion that palin simply isn't qualified enough to to be considered a viable presidential candidate is ridiculous. for male politicians it's always been a rule of thumb in politics and the media that once you were on a presidential ticket, you were automatically elevated on to the short list of contenders for future races. why wouldn't she be qualified in the candidate pool for the next time? >> she has every right to run if that's what she is going to do and i think based on history, every time a vice president runs, even if the ticket is unsuccessful, generally they get put on the short list of people, candidates for future races. but it is a very interesting question. we really had two stories this week. one was the palin phenomenon, which you were out in michigan covering which really sort of is about this disaffective hard, conservative base even
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6